Baldock Bibliography – ROADS, TURNPIKE, TRANSPORT & INNS

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Baldock Mail, ‘Rambling Through History’ articles:
BM No. 167, p22: ‘The Road to London,’ the alternative routes from Baldock to London over the centuries. Jane Havercroft
BM No. 171, p22: ‘White Hill,’ the levelling of the Great North Road through the London Road cutting from 1826-8. Brendan King
BM No. 172, p19: ‘A Seventy Year Wait,’ Baldock Great North Road bypass proposals since the 1820s. Brendan King
BM No. 174, p22: ‘The Baldock Waggon,’ the operation of the twice-weekly carrier service to London in the 19th century. Brendan King
BM No 176 p22: ‘COOKSTRETESLOO or The Slough in Hitchin Street,’ an historic pond, mire and ditch. Jane Havercroft
BM No. 179, p22: ‘Rising Damp,’ problems with flooding in the town during the 19th and 20th centuries. Brendan King
BM No. 187, p20: ‘Hatch Lane,‘ the changing course of the road to Weston. Jane Havercroft
BM No.188, p 20: ‘The Lord’s Waste and the Rows of Baldock,’ how the islands of buildings appeared in the two marketplaces. Brendan King
BM No.191, p22: ‘Pinnock’s Lane and the Pinnock family.’ Jane Havercroft
BM No. 194, p22: ‘Paving the Streets,’ road maintenance in Baldock from medieval times to the early 18th century. Brendan King
BM No. 195, p22: ‘Paving the Streets,’ (part 2), the 18th – 20th centuries. Brendan King
BM No. 196, p22: ‘Limekiln Lane,’ the limekilns, Maltman’s Way, Welbury farm and Jack O’Leg’s Cave. Jane Havercroft
BM No. 207, p24: ‘The Drovers,’ an account of the droves of cattle and sheep that passed through Baldock on their way to Smithfield. Brendan King
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BM No. 220 p31: ‘The George Inn and the Leeds Waggon: part 2.’ Brendan King
BM No. 229 p31: ‘Butcher’s Row,’ a description of the large ‘island’ of buildings in the High Street and its demolition in 1778. Brendan King

Baldock & Ashwell Guide, 7th edition, 2018: ‘The Coaching Inns of Baldock,’ how the changing operation of coaches and waggons affected the town’s inns. Brendan King
Baldock & Ashwell Guide, 8th edition, 2019: ‘The White Horse Inn,” the history of the inn and some of the characters associated with it from c1607-1872. Brendan King

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